Education and Training


The HAMWWA meticulously strives to create a safe working environment of mountain workers thereby conducting multi-dimensional training, education support programs.


Many of the children of mountain workers can’t afford to attend school after the death or disability of their parents caused by sickness and accident. Consequently, those helpless, poor and vulnerable children are prevented from basic education. HAMWWA in this regard takes necessary imitation to arrange for their education and proper shelter with the support of generous individuals/donors from across the world. HAMWWA especially grants support to the children whose parents are found missing/ dead in the mountains while working as a porter, climber, etc. Currently, HAMWWA has been supporting 18 children. The support has made a significant impact not only on the quality of education for those children but also on their living conditions as well.</p>


The security of the high hill mountain workers has been the top priority of HAMWWA. It, therefore, organizes different types of skill development training directly focusing on the professional safety of the mountain workers. The innovative training and awareness programs have empowered them with required knowledge, skill and precautions to be taken while involving in their work. The training has been very much fruitful to minimize the rate of risks, hazards, and accidents during trekking and mountaineering.

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