JRM Foundation

Supporting Hamwwa For humanity

Established in 2011, the JRM Foundation for Humanity is a living legacy for the Jamshaid, Rahim, and Mannan families. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, the Foundation exists to benefit philanthropic projects and humanitarian missions on behalf and for the benefit of women and children’s health and education.

The Foundation’s philanthropic philosophy is based upon the value of personal engagement and community involvement. With a high regard for education and the encouragement of philanthropic investments, the Foundation believes these core values are necessary to make appreciable differences in local communities and beyond. In addition, the Foundation supports numerous initiatives, which also benefit women and children’s health and education in addition to supporting senior citizens and veterans’ health and wellbeing as well as providing disaster relief in Idaho, Nepal, and Pakistan.

HAMWWA Team with the sponsored JRM Foundation for Humanity has built houses for many lower standard living people at Yangri, Sindhupalchowk. 

HAMWWA collaboration with JRM foundation