K2 Adventure foundation

Supporting HAMWWA since 2013

HAMWWA has been blessed to have K2 Adventure Foundation as a key sponsor  which was founded by Kevin Cherilla and Kristen Sandquist. Kevin has been an international mountaineer for over 20 years. Conquering the summit of Mt. Everest in 2007 was his greatest personal accomplishment. Since then, he’s made it his personal goal to change lives one adventure at a time—whether by scaling Everest, Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu or Aconcagua. Kevin’s passion for climbing and helping others has even been passed on to individuals who are blind, paralyzed and have lost limbs.

Kristen is a certified NOLS Wilderness First Responder as well as trained in CPR and First Aid. She has always been involved with a variety of non-profit organizations. K2 Adventure Foundation has been sponsored and a donor in a community building volunteer work of HAMWAA for a school building project, education project and distributing earthquake relief in the major remote areas of himalayas in Nepal. 

HAMWWA Team with sponsor K2 Adventure Foundation built a Temrang Primary School at Temrang, Rasuwa in a remote area of himalayas in Nepal. When Nepal was hit by 7.8magnitude of Earthquake,with the help full on support from k2 adventure foundation it distributed urgent relief packages (Rice, Tents, Blankets, Tarpaulins etc) over 160 households in Ramche and Bhorle VDC. On the 4 June 2015 HAMWWA Team with sponsor K2 adventure Foundation also distributed around 3000kg relief materials like blankets, tarpaulins, and other essential things to the earthquake victims of Solukhumbu district, Lokhim VDC of Nepal.K2 adventure foundation is still actively supporting HAMWWA and we are proud to be a part of k2 adventure foundation.

Education sponsorship by K2 Adventure
School stationary distribution at Temrang School. Rasuwa Nepal.
Supporting Sherpa Community of Solukhumbu District
Earthquake relief distribution program supported by K2 adventure foundation
Zinc Sheet distribution program for school

Building a school at Rasuwa, Nepal. (Temrang School project)