Our Mission

High Altitude Mountain Worker Welfare Association

“Supporting climbing Sherpa’s family since 2007”

High Altitude Mountain Workers Welfare Association (HAMWWA) is a nonprofit, non-political and non-governmental organization registers in 2007 having a registration number 1328/064/065. Since the establishment, the HAMWWA has participated as well as organized various programs to help the families of the Sherpa’s who has faced calamities in the mountain. HAMWWA has also been actively working in providing the necessary skills to the Sherpa’s to climb the mountains safely.

High altitude worker at Khumbu ice fall 2021

Our Mission

  • To bring awareness among the mountain workers about their occupational health and safety.
  • To enhance the capacity, skill, and knowledge of all the mountain workers through different trainings, orientations and awareness programs.
  • To minimize the risk, accident and health hazards while working in the mountain. 
  • To help the family members of the deceased mountain workers to make living through another income-generating profession.
  • To support the helpless and the needy children/orphans of deceased mountain workers with quality education.
  • To provide possible help for the treatment and rescue of those workers who work in the high mountainous and hilly regions.
  • To provide special honor to those individuals who have dedicated their time, effort and life in trekking and mountaineering areas.
  • To provide overall social protection to the children of those parents who die while working in the mountains.

Some of the activities that HAMWWA has organized over years are:

  • Supporting schools in rural Nepal
Supporting the schools of the rural area of Nepal in collaboration with K2 adventure foundation

  • Earthquake relief distribution program

On 25th April 2015, Nepal was struck by a dreadful earthquake which killed nearly 9,000 people and injured as many as 22,000. It occurred at 11:56 Nepal Standard Time with a magnitude of 7.8Mw or 8.1M. The earthquake was followed by hundreds of aftershocks for many days. Seventeen days later, there was another major earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 temblor. Thirty-nine of the nation’s 75 districts with a population of 8 million people — about a third of the national population — were affected. Hundreds of thousands of people lost everything and faced extreme poverty. More than 600,000 homes were destroyed and more than 288,000 were damaged in the 14 worst-hit districts. With a per capita income of only $1,000, Nepal was one of the world’s poorest country at the time of the 2015 earthquake; its economy still lags. As is most often the case, the poorest and most vulnerable of its citizens -rural farmers, tourism sector were the hardest hit by the disaster. Plagued with government instability and social unrest, Nepal ranks among the world’s most fragile stage. 

Some glimpses of earthquake relief.

Distribution of Blankets for earthquake victims
Foods and blankets distributed to the earthquake victims

Sherpa’s volunteering in distributing reliefs to the villages affected by earthquake 

Earthquake relief packages packed and ready for dispatch
Earthquake reliefs being transported to the rural areas 
Distributing Zinc sheets to make temporary shelter at most affected areas
Distributing tents and tarpaulins for making temporary shelter
Food Supplies, blankets, tents, tarpaulin distribution
  • Blood donation program

HAMWWA organized a cleaning program at the Nagarkot hill which is also one of the famous tourist destination. After the cleaning program, blood donation program was also organized at Nagarkot as a part of social responsibility. Many people participated in the cleaning campaign as well as blood donation program with great enthusiasm. 

  • Training Programs for the Sherpa’s

HAMWWA has also organized many training programs for the Sherpa. The main purpose of organizing these training programs is to enable the Sherpa’s to gain the practical knowledge that they will face while on the mountain. These programs helps Sherpa’s and the workers to enhance their skills which will ultimately result in risk minimization in the actual work scenario.

Rescue training
  • Sponsoring Students in studies

HAMWWA has been actively involved in sponsoring the students whose parents have suffered the calamities in the mountain. Every year HAMWWA provides school supplies, their tuition fees and stationery to the students. The objective of this is to provide quality education to the needy children so that they will be enable to stand on their own feet and will be able to support their families in the future. This will definitely secure the future of the students and help to shape their lives. Besides this, HAMWWA also helps the family members of the deceased mountain workers to make living through another income-generating profession.

  • Covid-19 relief program

The world is suffering from the Covid-19 (Corona) Virus. The Virus outbreak has become a worldwide concern that has spread at an alarming rate. Nepal is also severely affected by the corona virus. In order to control the situation, government of Nepal imposed a lockdown for several months. During this pandemic, HAMWWA organized a program to distribute the food relief packages to the needy as many people lost their jobs and it was difficult for many family members to sustain.